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Archive: July, 2017

July 26, 2017

First of all – for those who don’t know what a Columbarium is … it’s a series of niches in which the human remains of someone who has been cremated may be place. Typically, after cremation, ashes are placed in an Urn and the Urn is placed into a Columbarium. The front panel of a […]

July 24, 2017

The following volunteer needs will be listed on the connection cards in late July and August. Please consider putting yourself on the volunteer list – either by checking box on your connection card…or contacting the office. Creation Care Workgroup – A group is forming to explore ways that we can promote decisions that are in […]

July is the first month in over 18 months that the donations for our Capital Campaign have gone into negative territory. As of the end of last month, the fund had a balance of -$1,231. Each month we need $7,736 directed to the Capital Fund in order to break even. We make our mortgage payments […]

If you are a user of Facebook, and you would like more frequent communication about what is going on behind the scenes at Lord of Life, you might like to know that Pastor Steve has created a professional page on Facebook. It can be found at: facebook.com/parsonrye You can visit and “Like” this page if […]