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Spring is coming in more ways than one

As I write this, spring is in the air. The snow that blanketed our world recently left soon after.  Though we live in Minnesota and need to be prepared for the possibility of snow yet to come until quite late into the spring, we live in the hope that even if it does, it won't last long. Summer is coming!  The weather this time of the year feels like a metaphor for our COVID time as well. We have endured a year-long winter and more. It has felt like a time of hibernation for many. We are sticking close to home and staying cautious.  I realize that is not true for everyone. Some have questioned the extent to which we have taken precautions against COVID. Some have felt that we have overreacted. "Take off the masks," proclaims a sign in my neighbor's yard. "Covid is a hoax!"  Proclaims...

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