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A Recent God Moment

From Pastor Steve: In the days (long, long ago) when I was a backpack guide, we had a practice of finding moments during our hikes where we would stop and admire some wonder of creation. Perhaps it was a small plant. Perhaps it was the beautiful vista. Always it was accompanied by wonder and often with the phrase, "Yay, God". We called them: God Moments. During the week gone by, I had a God Moment that has stuck with me. I was so happy to receive the invitation to sing songs and play my guitar for the VBS kids. The group was so cute, so full of positive energy..pure joy.  A real fun bunch to lead. One song I led was called, "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart."  One little girl had heard it before and interrupted my teaching the song to tell me we should say the...

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