Fall Worship Time Change Being Considered

The church council has been in the process of contemplating a change to the fall worship schedule and for the last several weeks they have been seeking congregational input during the worship service through a small survey on the back of the connection cards.

The options being considered, and the results of the service are:

(a) change the schedule to 9:00am & 10:30 am – which has received 61 votes; or 

(b) maintain our current 8:30am & 10:30 am service time – which has received 31 votes. 

These statistics were arrived at by removing duplicate votes (from people who were present on multiple Sundays).  There are many things to consider about this change. Some of the chief considerations is that a later start-time will stem the burn-out of our music personnel and will allow for the first and second service people to interact with each other in-between services; maintaining the current schedule will allow for the programming in-between services to continue as-is (vs. during worship). 

One thing that has already come out of the discussion is that in either case, we are committed to providing programming for children during part of both worship services, if parents would prefer to take advantage of that. We do want to emphasize also that no matter what, kids are still **encouraged** to be present in worship

UPDATE: At it’s meeting on Tuesday, the Worship Team recommends changing to an 9:00am and 10:30.

The final decision will be made at the church council meeting this Thursday, July 20th.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article had the vote totals incorrectly reversed.

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