Parking Lot “Soft Opening” This Sunday

Lord of Life will be holding a “Soft Opening” outdoor worship service in the Lord of Life parking lot on Sunday, June 28 at 9am. It is our intention to follow all CDC guidelines for outdoor in-vehicle worship services. This is written to give you a sense of what the worship service will be like for folks who are concerned if they will feel safe and also whether they will feel drawn to worship God in this way.

We will have a flatbed trailer parked at the south west corner of the building. Reservations will be required (see below for information about reserving a space) to prevent having to turn people away. In order to accommodate people being able to roll down their windows, there will be six feet of distance between parked cars. We have calculated a maximum of 50 cars will be in line-of-sight of the platform. Others will be able to join in but their view will be obscured by the building. We will be using an FM radio transmitter to broadcast the service and the frequency will be: 92.7 FM. .

If you plan on attending, please use the restroom before driving here. The building will remain closed except for emergencies. Everyone must stay in their cars. In case of inclement weather, we will post a cancellation notification on the website and also on our Facebook page at least an hour ahead of the service (by 8am – if there is no notice by eight, we’re good-to-go). If the weather looks questionable please check one of those two places before setting out.

If you are sick please stay home. If you are in a high-risk group also please stay home. We hope to provide as safe an environment as possible but we cannot remove all risk. As we’ve said many times, “It’s good to be family.” As family we love everyone and do not want to jeopardize anyone’s health and well-being.

One final thing – as you drive into the parking lot please use the South/Fairview Rd entrance. We will be exiting out the west side.

We are looking forward to this experiment. After we have carried it out, we will prayerfully consider whether to continue it or not – and how often. No definite plans have been set yet.

There are three ways to RSVP your attendance, 1) visit, click the Register button and complete the form; 2) log-in to CCB, click the Forms link at the top, select “June 28th Drive-in Worship RSVP” click the Register button and complete the form; or 3) Call Anne at 218-828-9374 to register by phone.