Rally Sunday – September 17th

Rally Sunday will be held on September 17th this year. Please mark your calendars and plan to be present that day.As part of their work, each council member has taken charge of working with a portion of the groups within Lord of Life to ensure that the groups are well represented and to raise awareness of the wide varieties of ministries that exist within our congregation.

Throughout the month of August, council members will be contacting leaders of all groups within the congregation and asking what presence the group would like to have. The possible answers include:(1) a dedicated table for a display, a poster/flyer put out on a central table, (2) how the group leader is or isn’t able to use Church Community Builder, and (3) to spend some time thinking about what to write as the purpose for the group.

This new work is part of the restructuring of Lord of Life’s congregational council that is intended to address some issues that have been hampering our ability to carry out effective ministry. The key shift is to move away from a structure that relies on a gathering of Directors from ten teams that are fixed in our constitution, to a smaller council with four different orientations with respect to our ministry. Those four orientations are Inward, Outward, Upward, and Foundational Matters (The Ground). More about these orientations later.

Group work that the “Directional Council” will be helping facilitate in the coming months will be to enlist the groups of Lord of Life to be centers of recruitment, pastoral care, and ensuring that Service, Fellowship & Education are a key part of every group at Lord of Life.

Please pray for this important work of our congregation.

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