PHASE 3 of our SMART Plan

Per CDC recommendations, Phase Three is appropriate in a context with 28 days of declining cases. The Lord of Life SMART Team has set a target date for the staff to be ready for Phase 3 by TBA.  All things permitted in Phase 1 & 2 are permitted also in Phase 3. If it is the consensus among ELCA congregations within Crow Wing county that conditions warrant it we will discontinue Phase 3 and return either to Phase 2 or 1.

What does Phase 3 mean for the Congregation?

  • streaming & indoor worship – medium (size restriction – ?)  
  • Consider whether in-person worship is advisable given the need for under-65, no underlying conditions
  • STRONGLY discourage vulnerable individuals from attending
  • Physical distancing may be relaxed
  • Masks may become optional
  • Fellowship hour and activities may resume with maximum social distancing
  • Lord of Life events only (no outside groups)  [AA-excepted?].
  • Groups of at-risk congregants can begin to meet w/ social distancing

What does Phase 3 mean for the Operations Team?

  • Church can operate with moderate social distancing protocols
  • Continue extensive cleaning/hygiene plan
  • Encourage outside organizations that use the building to follow these guidelines
  • Limited meetings w/ physical distancing

What does Phase 3 mean for the Program Team?


  • Continue with streaming worship
  • Still no physical passing of the peace in worship
  • Pastors wash hands, not to use hand sanitizer
  • Leaders should sanitize themselves in front of everyone before giving communion
  • Empty wafers out of tube without touching
  • Servers should wear mask and gloves
  • Preparers – wash hands for 20 seconds
  • Communion assistants commune last
  • Explore ordering pouring chalices
  • During communion liturgy – presider stands back
  • Maintain 6 feet distance between familys in communion line
  • Resume indoor communion with the following precautionary measures:
  • Practices or actions Not To Be done:
    • Breaking of bread and elevating wine
    • Touching peoples hands
    • Use communion bread
  • Practices or actions to implement:
    • Reach out to Vickie B, Mary Anderson, or Pat Huhta…. line up as resources
    • Individual cups until 42 days of declining cases
    • Prepares, and presiders, & servers – wear a mask
    • 1 plate (paten) per bread server
    • Use wafers until 42 days of declining cases

Youth Ministry

  • Youth program (>10) **may** resume w/ social distancing

Pastoral Care

  • No hospital visits or visits to senior care facility visits
  • Baptisms are private
  • Weddings allowed with moderate social distancing protocols

What Does Phase 3 mean for the Church Staff?

  • Continue to encourage staff telecommuting

What Does Phase 3 mean for the SMART Team / Council?

  • Monitoring department of health information
  • Updating phase decision as appropriate