PHASE 3 of our SMART Plan


All things permitted in Phase One & Phase Two are allowed. 
During phase 3, we will continue to stream our worship services and hold indoor worship with medium size restrictions. We will continue to caution our members to consider whether in-person worship is advisable, given their particular risks.  

The congregation may relax physical distancing, and masks may become optional. Fellowship hour and activities may resume with maximum social distancing. 

The building will be available for Lord of Life events only except for AA.
Groups of at-risk congregants can begin to meet w/ social distancing. 
We will continue with an extensive cleaning/hygiene plan and encourage outside organizations that use the building to follow these guidelines. We’ll hold limited meetings w/ physical distancing.

We will continue with streaming worship. During worship, there will still be no physical passing of peace during Worship services. Our Pastors wash hands and not to use hand sanitizer during Communion. Our communion assistants should sanitize themselves in front of everyone before giving Communion.

Worship leaders will continue use the following protocols for Communion: During preparation, empty from the tube without touching. Communion Servers should continue to wear masks and gloves. Communion preparers should wash hands for 20 seconds—communion assistants commune last. We will explore ordering pouring chalices. During communion liturgy, the presider stands back and maintain 6 feet distance between families in the communion line.

Practices or actions we won’t do: Breaking of bread and elevating wine; Touching peoples hands; Use communion bread

Practices or actions we will do: Reaching out to members who have taken the safe food handling course to use as resources: Congregants will use individual cups until 42 days of declining cases; Prepares and presiders & servers will wear a mask; 1 plate (paten) per bread server; We will use wafers until 42 days of declining cases.

Youth programming (>10) **may** resume w/ social distancing
Still, no hospital visits or visits to senior care facility visits; Baptisms are private; and weddings are allowed with moderate social distancing protocols.

The staff will continue to be encouraged to telecommute. The SMART Team will monitor the department of health information and update phase descriptions and overall level decisions as appropriate.

*** Per CDC recommendations, Phase Three, is appropriate in a context with 28 days of declining cases. The Lord of Life SMART Team has set a target date for the staff to be ready for Phase 3 by TBA.