This Week’s Announcements

Parking Lot Worship Services
Conditions permitting, worship services will be held in our parking lot weekly beginning on August 9th at 9:00am. Please check the Lord of Life website before heading out in case there is a last minute cancellation. Cancellations will be posted at least one hour in advance.

Come for Communion After Online Worship
Drive-up Communion following online worship will be provided from 10:30 am to 11:30 am on Sunday each week beginning August 2nd.  Cars should enter from the south (Fairview Rd) and approach the front of the building from the east – driving westerly (toward Knollwood Dr.)
Participants should bring a plate for each person (1). Pastors will be masked but not gloved – (with well-washed hands). Pastors will place wafers and cups onto the plates without touching them.  Communicants will place glasses in basket (w/ a towel) held by an assistant.  Please check before heading out.  Cancellations will be posted at least one hour in advance.

Kids Drive-up service
Wednesday, August 12th at 6 pm on the lawn at LOL. Bring your family and lawn chairs and let’s worship together!!

Teen’s Upstream Campfires in August
Wednesday nights throughout August our high school youth group will be gathering at Lord of Life for a campfire socially distanced. This group must remain under 10 people and each person must be registered prior to arriving. Enjoy the summer nights with some of your friends. Visit: to sign up for our weekly gatherings!

Job Postings Coming Soon
The church council has delegated the work of drawing up job postings to the personnel committee to fill several roles on staff.  Though nothing is finalized yet, the staff has identified these immediate needs: Worship Support, Communications, Community/volunteerism, Administrative, Technology, and Children’s Education. At this time, it is anticipated that we will be filling these needs with two staff people. Please pray that God will lead us to the people with the right gifts.

Sound/Video Booth Volunteers Urgently Needed
We urgently need additional volunteers to work in the Sound Booth. Please contact Pastor Steve if you would be willing to discuss this.  No commitments required at this point, we would just like to give you a tour of the booth so that you can see how easy it is!

Head Ushers Needed
In order for us to begin worshipping in the sanctuary again, one critical need will be four persons who are each willing to take on one Sunday a month (and a fifth Sunday once per quarter) who will oversee a team of dedicated volunteers.  We thank Layne Danielson for his faithful service in lining up worship volunteers in the past. Layne has recently informed us that he is stepping down from this role as we transition back into the sanctuary. Because of additional procedures related to COVID, every Sunday we meet in the sanctuary we will need a trained group of worship volunteers. We will build four teams around the four head Ushers who also agree to serve once a month.

Changes Made to the Smart Plan
Currently, Lord of Life is in phase 1 of is SMART plan. At a recent meeting, our SMART team made the following allowances:  Meetings outside the building (normally on the patio) may be held under the following circumstances: (1) They are scheduled in Church Community Builder; (2) All participants agree to wear a mask; (3) Groups will not be greater than 10 in number; and (4) Members maintain social distancing from those not in their household at all time (EX: 2 persons per picnic table at opposite corners). The entire SMART plan in its current version can be found on the Lord of Life website.

We are understaffed at this time.
This may result in temporary interruptions of things that you have come to expect from us. Worship slides, Birthday/Anniversary lists and prayerLIFE@12:45 videos are three examples.  As time goes on, there may be more.  We regret when those interruptions occur and together we look forward to the day when the staff will be able to consistently provide them again.  In the meanwhile, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Worshiping on Wednesdays and Sundays
Worship services are available on Facebook (click here), and YouTube (click LordofLifeBaxter), and can also be accessed by visiting

Daily Devotions and prayer
Join us each weekday for prayerLIFE@12:45 on Facebook and at our YouTube Channel, LordofLifeBaxter.