This Week’s Announcements

Thank You to Preston Owen
Preston was our summer intern – working 20 hours a week on video production. Next Sunday will be Preston’s last official Sunday with us – Please send a note of thanks his way for sharing his gifts and passion for telling the good news!

Confirmation Orientation Wednesday, September 16th!
Confirmation is right around the corner and registration will be opening soon. Mark your calendar today for our online orientation night Wednesday, September 16th at 6:30pm! This year orientation will happen via Zoom. Confirmation is open for students in grades 7th-9th!

Living Lutheran now available
The August issue of the Living Lutheran is available for pickup in the black box outside of the main church entrance.

Parking Lot Worship Services
Worship services will be held in our parking lot weekly at 9:00am on Sundays.

Come for Communion After Online Worship
Drive-up Communion following online worship will be provided from 10:30am to 11:30am on Sunday’s each week.  Participants should bring a plate for each person (1).

Sound/Video Booth Volunteers Urgently Needed
We urgently need additional volunteers to work in the Sound Booth. Please contact Pastor Steve at 454-8060 if interested.

Head Ushers Needed
In order for us to begin worshipping in the sanctuary again, one critical need will be four persons who are each willing to take on one Sunday a month (and a fifth Sunday once per quarter) who will oversee a team of dedicated volunteers. Because of additional procedures related to COVID, every Sunday we meet in the sanctuary we will need a trained group of worship volunteers. We will build four teams around the four head Ushers who also agree to serve once a month.

Smart Plan
Currently, Lord of Life is in phase 1 of is SMART plan. The entire SMART plan in its current version can be found on the Lord of Life website.