Wednesday, March 10, 2021


Gathering Song

Bless now, O God, the journey ELW 326


Neighbor to all people, you call us into human communities to serve and be served by one another. Open our hearts to the needs of all our neighbors, and teach us to recognize the gifts you have given each of us to use in service to others. In Jesus’ name we pray.


Scripture: A Paraplegic

1–5         2 After a few days, Jesus returned to Capernaum, and word got around that he was back home. A crowd gathered, jamming the entrance so no one could get in or out. He was teaching the Word. They brought a paraplegic to him, carried by four men. When they weren’t able to get in because of the crowd, they removed part of the roof and lowered the paraplegic on his stretcher. Impressed by their bold belief, Jesus said to the paraplegic, “Son, I forgive your sins.”

6–7         Some religion scholars sitting there started whispering among themselves, “He can’t talk that way! That’s blasphemy! God and only God can forgive sins.”

8–12         Jesus knew right away what they were thinking, and said, “Why are you so skeptical? Which is simpler: to say to the paraplegic, ‘I forgive your sins,’ or say, ‘Get up, take your stretcher, and start walking’? Well, just so it’s clear that I’m the Son of Man and authorized to do either, or both …” (he looked now at the paraplegic), “Get up. Pick up your stretcher and go home.” And the man did it—got up, grabbed his stretcher, and walked out, with everyone there watching him. They rubbed their eyes, incredulous—and then praised God, saying, “We’ve never seen anything like this!” [The Message] 

Engaging with Scripture

Lectio divina

To engage the scripture together in a prayerful way, read the texts three times. Each time listen in a different way.

• Reading the first time: Listen for a word or short phrase that stands out to you.

• Reading the second time: Listen for a way in which God is speaking to you personally.

• Reading the third time: Listen for a way in which God is speaking to the community/communities of which you are a part.

After each reading, allow for a moment of silence, then invite the assembly to share their responses. Encourage people to share briefly without additional explanations and without dialoguing with one another in order to allow a safe space for sharing.

Video Prayer Stations

Sung Response

Now it is evening ELW 572




The Creator who fashions us together with all things,

the Christ who leads us into a new beloved community,

the Spirit who holds us in the communion of saints,

one God, ☩ bless you now and always.


 Sending Song

The day you gave us, Lord, has ended ELW 569, LBW 274


Go in peace, joined together in Christ.

Thanks be to God.

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