Worship this Sunday

[August 23, 2020]

This Sunday we will be providing both a pre-recorded AND a live-streamed worship service online.  The Livestream worship will take place at 9 am on our YouTube channel, and the recorded service will premier at 9 am on both YouTube and Facebook.

For many weeks, we have been putting the pieces needed to live stream our worship service on a weekly basis from an outside location. Assuming this test goes well, it’s our plan to provide streamed worship services on a weekly basis.  Please be aware that we are waiting for a component that is on backorder that will allow us to more easily point and zoom the cameras.  In the meanwhile, the online images will be fixed. 

We continue to need technical assistants. While this may seem intimidating, after a brief setup procedure, the job requires simply choosing between camera angles. Once you receive the training you will operate the equipment with confidence.

Please like or share any services you are present at, it helps expand our reach into the social media community.