Legacy Gifts

LOL Legacy Members

Building the future one gift at a time

Mission Statement

To ensure the long-term viability of our church through legacy giving in order to build missions and ministries beyond our lifetimes.

Vision Statement

To educate and encourage future giving for the long-term sustainability of our church and to leave a legacy that will make a difference beyond our generation.


The time to plan is now!  The value is not in the size of our gift or whether we are young or old, but rather in our willingness to give.  Whatever the size of our will or estate gift, God has the ability and the power to do great and marvelous things.


The Lord of Life Legacy Members Group is for anyone who has been touched in a personal way.  Many of us recall a specific time and place where our lives were forever transformed and changed whether it was a sermon or through a ministry of this church.  The church is comprised of a multitude of ministries.  You can choose which ministry or ministries you wish to support through your gift.  There are many avenues through which we can give back to the church; however, we encourage all to prayerfully seek God’s guidance and counsel in including the church in one’s will and/or estate plan.


The Lord of Life Legacy Members Group is built on the principle of giving, where we have the opportunity to give back to a church that has so greatly touched our lives, so as to make a difference beyond our generation.

The Lord of Life Legacy Members Group recognizes and lifts up those who have included our church in their will and/or estate plan, helping to ensure the long-term care of the church, its mission and its ministries.

The purpose of a legacy gift is to provide means and sustenance to the church’s long-term viability beyond our lifetime.  When a gift is received, it is placed in an Endowment Fund, a collection of invested individual funds that enhance the work of the church beyond that which is provided for through the general operating budget.  The income from the Endowment Fund will support and sustain the growth of current and future ministries within the church.  Whether it’s a recurring donation or a one-time gift from one’s IRA, will, estate, or life insurance policy, legacy gifts mark a milestone in the donor’s life, establishing a legacy in his or her walk of faith and ensuring others have the opportunity to worship for generations to come in this place that has been so important to so many.


Please consider joining many others in including your church in your estate plan, will, trust, IRA, or life insurance policy.

If you have already done so, thank you for your ongoing support of this church we so love!  Your gift is critically important in ensuring the long-term sustainability. If you haven’t yet informed the church of your gift, please fill out the non-binding Letter of Intent for a Future (Legacy) Gift (located within this packet) This will also help ensure your gift is directed in ways that are important to you and your family.

If you have not yet considered including our church in your will or estate plan, we prayerfully ask that you reflect on this option.  Your future gift will make a monumental difference in the life of this church and its work in the world.

You can learn more about finding a charitable gift that best suits your goals through the following ways:

  1. Call Pastor Steve and he can put you in touch with an advisor
  2. Ask current members of Lord of Life Legacy Members why they were moved to include our church in their wills and estate giving.  They would be honored to share their personal stories with you.


Just imagine if ….

  • we could expand our hospitality facilities

Just imagine if future funds allowed us to….

  • expand our ministry to people of all ages
  • conduct major projects – like the paving of our parking lot – without diverting our congregation’s attention away from living/breathing ministry causes.


There can also be relevant tax advantages.

Typically, legacy/charitable giving allows the donor to qualify for a number of tax advantages, benefits, and deductions.  Please consult with a tax professional regarding these opportunities.