PHASE 4 of our SMART Plan

Per CDC recommendations, Phase 4 is appropriate after we have experienced 42 days of declining cases. The Lord of Life SMART Team has set a target date for the staff to be ready for Phase 4 by TBA.  All things permitted in Phase 1, 2, and 3 are permissible also in Phase 4.  If it is the consensus among ELCA congregations within Crow Wing county that conditions warrant it, we will discontinue Phase 4 and return to Phase 3, 2 or 1.

What Does Phase 4 mean for The Congregation?

  • Streaming & indoor worship – large (no restrictions)
  • Worship with limited social distancing protocols
  • Still STRONGLY discourage vulnerable individuals from attending

What Does Phase 4 mean for the Operations Team?

  • Building open again to outside groups

What Does Phase 4 mean for the Programming Team?

  • Wednesday suppers may resume
  • Youth program may operate with limited social distancing
  • Hospital and nursing home visits may resume with great care
  • Fellowship may resume w/ limited social distancing
  • Resume home communions
  • Resume intinction for communion
  • Resume baptisms in worship

What Does Phase 4 mean for the Church Staff?

  • Church staff may work without restrictions

What does Phase 4 mean for the SMART Team / Council?

  • Monitoring department of health information
  • Updating phase decision as appropriate