PHASE 4 of our SMART Plan


All things permitted in Phase 1, 2, and 3 are permissible also in Phase 4.

We will hold both streaming and large indoor worship services again. Worship will take place with only limited social distancing protocols. We will still caution vulnerable individuals regarding attendance.

Our building will be fully open again to outside groups.

Our Wednesday suppers may resume.Youth programs may operate with limited social distancing.

Hospital and nursing home visits may resume with great care; Fellowship may resume w/ limited social distancing.

Home communions will resume; Pastors will provide for intinction during Holy Communion, and we will hold Baptisms in worship. We will fill the baptismal font with water again.

Our church staff may work without restrictions.

*** Per CDC recommendations, Phase 4 is appropriate after we have experienced 42 days of declining cases. The Lord of Life SMART Team has set a target date for the staff to be ready for Phase 4 by TBA.