Staffing Notes

WEDDING COORDINATOR: Lord of Life is currently in need of a Wedding Coordinator. We are currently in the process of re-configuring the job description for this position. If you are interested in serving the folks who get married — and get paid a modest stipend to do it — please contact the church office.

GIVING REMINDER: All reports we have received from the folks who went on the trip to Chicago is that Tim Slinger did a fantastic job with our congregation’s youth. This is a reminder that in order to sustain the additional staffing levels we need our funding support to increase. Please consider supplementing your support for our congregation in order to sustain this valuable ministry.

A BIG THANKS TO LOLLY KALONOSKI: Who has been serving as “volunteer staff” these past several months. Lolly has been attending staff meetings and taking on projects that our paid staff simply don’t have the time to attend to. Currently she is reorganizing the filing system to help us be more efficient at keeping and retrieving information. Please say a big, “Thanks” to Lolly the next time you see her.

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