Capital Fund Update

July is the first month in over 18 months that the donations for our Capital Campaign have gone into negative territory. As of the end of last month, the fund had a balance of -$1,231. Each month we need $7,736 directed to the Capital Fund in order to break even. We make our mortgage payments out of that fund, and if there is any money left over in the fund at the end of the year – we use it to pay down the principle.  

It is not surprising that this has happened in the middle of Summer – a traditionally low period of contributions – but it is important for us to keep an eye on this and not fall too behind. Every dollar we are in the red, adds to the amount that we have to gather to catch back up.

It might interest you to note that over the past 10+ years over 360 households have given to the Capital Campaign at some point. If you are among those households, thank you!!

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