Website Changes

We’ve been at it again.  The website front page has gone through a make-over.

When we began our work on redesigning the website, there was a problem with a plug-in that controlled the video slide-show that you now see when you first arrive.  That bug has been fixed now and so we are able to lay out our website as it was originally intended.

Some of the elements of the previous website are gone, in favor of a cleaner and more focused landing for first-timers.

We’ve also removed the “I’m new” menu option and shifted the material for newcomers into the “About” section for now.  This is a trial.  It may shift back (or it may not), depending on feedback.

The goal, overall, is to present a clear picture of our core identity for all to see – in fulfillment of Christ’s command in Matthew 28 to gather disciples unto him.